Tools of the Trade

95% Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol) 500ml


95% Ethanol is used for surface cleaning and for disinfecting your hands while you work. We also stock 99.9% Ethanol Absolute which can be used for mushroom extractions.

Agar Agar Powder 50g

Agar Agar Powder is an ingredient used in preparation of MEA and PDA nutrient plate recipe. It is a gelatinous substance obtained from seaweed and used in biological culture media and as a thickener in food.


Autoclave Filter Patch Bags

We have designed our own polypropylene Autoclave Filter Patch Bag with our signature mushroom patch. 

There are 2 lengths to choose from: 250mm and 330mm wide tubing roll. The 250mm and 330mm width refers to the 'flat' width, in other words if the bag is placed flat on a surface. If the bag mouth is opened and perfectly round, the inside diameter is 160mm and 210mm respectively.


Autoclave Tape

Autoclave Tape is used as an indicator to see if the correct temperature was reached in a pressure cooker, when sterilising Sorghum.

Barley Malt Powder 100g

Barley Malt Powder is an ingredient used in a MEA nutrient plate recipe.

  • Add 7-10g of malt powder to 500ml of hot water
  • Add 11g of Agar Agar powder
  • This recipe will be sufficient to pour 40 65mm petri dishes
Bran 1kg

Bran is an essential ingredient to boost your substrate recipes for exotic mushrooms.

Glass Spirit Burner

A Spirit Burner or lamp is used to sterilize your Scalpel Blade before you cut a wedge from a Petri Dish or a sliver from a mushroom you are about to clone. 

Gypsum 1kg

Gypsum (Calcium Sulphate) is an essential ingredient in the substrate recipes for Oyster and Reishi grow bags.

Hair Net

Contaminations are everywhere, so a Hair Net is necessary to take every precaution to maintain sterility. 

Hydrated Lime 1.5kg

Hydrated Lime (Calcium Hydroxide or Water Purification Lime) is used to raise alkalinity and used primarily for cold lime soak method of preparation

Latex Gloves 50 pairs

Examination Gloves are a must when working with fungi - these are Nitrile and Powder Free

Overshoes (pair)

Contaminations are everywhere, so Over Shoes are necessary to take every precaution to maintain sterility. 

Parafilm per meter

Parafilm is a flexible paraffin sealing film with a paper backing (10cm wide) and is commonly used for sealing or protecting vessels (such as Petri Dishes). It is a ductile, malleable, waterproof, odorless, translucent and cohesive thermoplastic.

Perlite 2.5 litres

Perlite is used:

  • to aerate substrates
  • to maintain humidity levels
Petri Dishes 65mm Plastic (10 pack)

The Petri Dish is used to contain the Nutrient Plate mixture on which a mycelium culture will be grown.

Petri Dishes are sold in a sterilised pack of 10 and sealed in plastic.

Polypropylene tubing (per meter)

***Please note we are currently out of stock of 250mm tubing. Availability is approximately 15 June 2020 ***

The polypropylene tubing is either 250mm or 330mm wide (when flat) and is 70 microns thick. Tubing is used for Oyster hanging bags and sold per meter.

Scalpel Blade Holder No.3

The No. 3 Scalpel Blade Holder is made from stainless steel and the No. 11 Scalpel Blade fits this holder. This is an essential tool and a 'must have'.

Scalpel Blade No.11

The only size we will use is a No. 11 Scalpel Blade. It has a sharp tip and is perfect for cutting wedges from a Petri Dish

A No. 11 Scalpel Blade is individually wrapped, sold individually, is a sterile carbon steel blade and sterilized by Gamma radiation. This blade fits the No.3 Scalpel Blade Holder.

Vermiculite 2.5 litres

Vermiculite is used:

  • to aerate substrates
  • to retain moisture
  • to create a casing layer